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I made my second cosplay for this year. Sounds quite pathetic. But got literally no time for costumes and it makes me quite sad. Anyway - here it is- my dream costume came true. Cirilla from the Witcher series. I love her dearly. I love Andrzej Sapkowski's books. He's a brilliant writer. The Wicher series is kinda iconic here in Russia. Everyone else discovered it after game came out. 

Now I want to make another photoshoot, or go to some conventions in this costume...

here's some pics

Witcher 3- Wild Hunt-Cirilla by love-squad Cirilla - the Lion Cub of Cintra -Witcher 3 by love-squad Witcher 3 - Tor Zireael by love-squad

also you can find more here
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I'm feeling like I really need to practice my English. 
I really want to chat about...everything actually.
Cosplay, videogames, tv shows, music, art...
My skype username is red.montirovka - feel free to add me. 

I'm feeling depressed right now - I'm in the middle of the search for a new job.
I always wanted to work with videogames or movie costumes design, but right now I got expirience only as graphic designer, so it's kinda sad.
I cannot find any decent job offers and It's pissing me off
I just want to work with something interesting, like some magazine or game company. All I got is boring layouts for cosmetic brands and scumbag boss.
Am I asking too much?? ((((
So, does anyone going to London Film and Comic Con 2012?
I will be in London at 7 july till 14 july and want to go there, but still got no tickets. I hope I'll be able to buy them in London.
I've never been at such Cons before. It should be great to meet fellow deviantart members.
Thank you so much for Birthday wishes, my friends!
Sadly, I got a lot of work and can't answer each of you personally, but I really appreciate your comments!
Hello, my friends!
How're you doing?

Yond is going to visit San Diego Comic Con this year.Unfortunately, she's going to attend alone, because my visa was denied by consulate without any explanation. It's really sad thing because I wanted to visit USA and now I don't think I'll be able to. Ever.

Anyway, She will be in San Diego on 8 till 15 July and then she'll move to New York till 17 July.
If anyone wants to meet her in person- you're more than welcome! It will be great to meet deviantart friends in USA. Please, leave comment or write a note.
She's bit nervous about this because we never been at such conventions before. It will be great if someone will explain how it works )))
Happy New 2012 Year, guys!

My best wishes to you!
I hope It will be good year for all.

Also, I got myself a world cosplay account - here's the link
feel free to add me
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I still can't believe it!
We won BioWare youtube Costume Contest N7 award!
I made a slibeshow with Yond's pics as Aria. Never thought we were going to win anything.
I'm sooo happy! Thank you, Bioware!!!!
God, it's most awesome thing that happened to me in my life!

link to entry video -

Mass Effect 2 - Aria T'Loak by love-squad
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Thanks everyone for you kind words and congratulations on our birthdays.
Mine was on 19 june and Yond's was on 20 june.
I really appreciate your attention. I can't answer to all your comments, because I just got no free time. My work is killing me.
But I'm really grateful for all comments.
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I can't believe we finished this costume.
It was really exciting expirience and I'm really glad that many people found our cosplay interesting.
It took use a while to assemble all parts. I hate sewing belts and Aria got many of them.
Most funny part was to make scales texture. I thought scales must be subtle, but visible.
We didn't have airbrush so I had to paint latex cap by hands.
I hope someday I'll find the courage and make female commander Shepard N7 armour.

Anyway -thanks everyone for your comments and views - we really appreciate it

SO, here we go -
Mass Effect 2 - Asari by love-squad  Mass Effect 2 - Aria T'Loak by love-squad  Mass Effect 2 - I am Omega by love-squad  Mass Effect 2 - Biotic powers by love-squad

more pics here -…
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Today has been declared as International Day of Human Space Flight to celebrate each year. It's significant day for humanity.
April 12, 1961 - Soviet pilot Yuri Gagarin completed journey into outer space.
He was more that hero.I'm really proud to be Russian as him.
I think space exploration program is really important and I hope that someday we'll reach the stars as freely as we travel on Earth now.
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I still can't believe it, but...
We won EuropeanCosplay Spring Contest with Cloud Strife cosplay.
I'm soo happy about it.
It's Yond's favourite character and she wanted to cosplay him since forever.
It's great that people like it.

link to results…

FFVII:AC-Delicate bloom by love-squad
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I just can't keep it to myself.
I want to feature my friend's gallery - it's too awesome.
I absolutely adore her as designer and artist.
She's a great photographer. Her graphics is stunning.
Bust best of all are plushies she makes.
It's too adorable.
You should see her work - it's totally worth looking.

uduh by SunshineLiarRF cachalot by SunshineLiarRF panda by SunshineLiarRF Autumn bear by SunshineLiarRF rabbit by SunshineLiarRF

Mouse dream by SunshineLiarRF pirates-end by SunshineLiarRF pirates-5 by SunshineLiarRF octopus by SunshineLiarRF

scaly vase by SunshineLiarRF lantern by SunshineLiarRF dachshund by SunshineLiarRF pear candlestick by SunshineLiarRF

See more at her gallery -

Happy New Year, everyone!
I wish you luck and happyness in new, 2011 year. I hope everything will be fine and all of wishes will come true.

OMG *_*
We got Daily Deviation.

Dragon Age:Origins-Assassin by love-squad

I just can't believe it! I'm soooo proud and happy now
Thanks *Gwendolyn12?, who suggested it and ^KubusRubus who featured it  :hug:

I think, making a calendar for charity was a great idea.
It's supporting Room to Read

Thanks ~parisi for invitation!
It's now officialy on sale
I'm proud that many cosplayers from Russia took part in it

Order it here…

We chose our Final Fantasy 12 cosplay, since it's one of my favourites.

Many thanks again to our great photographer :iconzakharova:
I'm so happy now - I've opened my deviant art page today and TA-DA! Someone's given us a premium membership for 3 months!
Thank you so much, dear anonymous friend!
It's sooo exciting!
We win Best in Show award with our Trinity Blood cosplay.
It was rather fun. Many thanks to our beloved team who supported us.
But I'll never wear such complicated costume on cosplay con- it was PAIN. The wig nearly drove me mad.

Here you can watch our perfomance -…

And here- some silly video how we danced at the backstage - It was karaoke perfomance on stage -some girls were singing a song from Keroro  - and we can't help it and danced in that uncomfortable costumes.It was pure reflex.
Hear this song = dance like Keroro…
Slowly, we're making progress with our Assassin's Creed2 costumes.
I'm almost done with Catherina Sforza dress-just need to attach lace on the sleeves.
Ezio costume is more complicated - I'll finish armor pieces next week, I hope.

Anyway, here are some poor quality pics done with the mobile phone.
I'm more than self satisfied. Can't wait for the photoshoot.……
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I made a blog for Love Squad

It's kinda difficult to maintain a web – site -we just haven't got anough time for it.
So we decided to make a blog – Easy to keep up and upload new pics.
I'm planning to upload full photoshoots and some backstage pics there.
I hope it will be interesting project.
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